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Why Use Unblock?

Have freedom you deserve to browse the web without censorship.
Watch video content from around the world without any restrictions, lags, or delays.

Browse Anonymously

Advertisers, hackers and monitoring agencies can easily track you and your online activities through your devices’ digital foot print and expose your identity. With unblock, your identity is safe as you browse the internet with a random pseudo IP.

Internet Freedom

Based on your location, your country's government and authorities may block your access to specific content which you want to access or apply censorhips. Get Unblock to hide your identity and enjoy exemplary freedom that every internet user deserves.

Fast Streaming

Unblock is well known for ensuring no lags in speed and connectivity when it comes to providing a stable, yet safe internet connection ideal for streaming. Millions of our users from across the globe enjoy streaming their favorite video with unblock.

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Over 114 Million people unblock their browsing experience every day!
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How unblock stands out!

Each tab serves as a different proxy

Each tab is assigned a different IP, masking your real IP which ensures that your identity remains untraceable. When you engage in multiple sessions using different locations for each – all on one device, your security goes up by a notch!

Anytime , Anywhere

With more than 750 servers placed strategically across the globe, coupled with AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to determine the best servers for each of your sessions, you can expect Unblock to be your savior anytime and anywhere.

Less Clicks to Get Connected

Gone are the days when securing your online activities was better left to the experts. Just open the app, hit connect, and that’s about it.

A Community-Powered VPN

Over 114 Million people are browsing the web securely for free. Freedom is priceless!